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  October 14, 2019

Do I Need an Executive Coach?

The Fulcrum Group is an established and proven executive coaching, consulting, and training company that helps organizations improve their leaders and achieve optimal business productivity.

One of the first things that many people ask themselves is whether they really need an Executive Coach. We have developed a free assessment that uses a weighted average system under multiple categories to help outline whether someone would want to engage with an executive coach, and whether it should be a priority for them. This quick and easy assessment takes key areas of concern into account by weighing them more heavily and produces a score that can be compared with some of our performance measures in assessments. Simply fill out the questionnaire and check your numbers with the legend below.

Free 'Do I Need An Executive Coach' Assessment Instructions:

Score each question between 1 and 5
(1 being NOT Applicable, and 5 being VERY Applicable)
This survey is based on a weighted scale, so some answers will be worth more than others, as they are considered more important.
1-5 Description
I am a high visible employee in the organization - people are watching my performance closely
There is no one in my organization that I can speak completely openly and freely with
My relationship with many of my colleagues from work is strained and often stressful
My relationship with many of my direct reports is strained and often stressful
I've been told before that I don't listen well
I have an increasing number of things I'm responsible for that I wish I had some help with in sorting out
Some say that I am not completely aware of things that are going on around me
I have concerns with handling situations that I can't discuss openly in my organization
There are problems in my organization that I have to deal with that are outside my area of expertise. I would like a good sounding board.
I would like to be a more effective communicator
Sometimes I wonder about my effectiveness as a leader
I have a difficult time being  transparent (ie: sharing, trusting, and admitting mistakes)
I am not satisfied with my combination of personality, humility, and professional will
I rarely have well conceived back up plans.
I wonder about when I'm positive, whether it's linked with authenticity and consistency




55-90 - You seem to be managing well in your organization. You are embracing the organizations needs, as well as your own, and balancing both well.

90-135 - Things are good for you overall, but there are a few things you would like to change. You have control over most matters, but it might be helpful for you to be coached around a few issues, and make you perform at the top of your game.

135-170 - There are some strong reasons to consider using an executive coach. You may be starting to feel the pressure and that you could use some guidance, or at least a 'sounding board' that can effectively comprehend and help you get ahead of the game. As the pressure mounts, you might feel like you're getting farther behind, or in too deep. Its recommended that you consider the option of a coach while there is still time for quick progress, and before you become too overwhelmed or burnt out.

170+ - Caution - You most definitely need to have an active executive coach working with you. All measures indicate that things are chaotic, and you need to be at your best. Your stakes are high enough that you can't afford to make any mistakes, so you need someone reliable that will help you navigate through challenges and surface as someone that everyone in the organizations recognizes as an authentic leader.

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