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  October 14, 2019



The Skill Kit for Leaders, “SKL” is a comprehensive program containing 42 Self-Study Competency Building Resource Units. The 42 modules are distributed throughout 8 Leadership Roles Units, which allows individuals and corporations to focus on the development of critical core leadership competencies and draw on the appropriate material to provide development activities and a self-study coaching program for their leaders.

Are you or your organization experiencing any of the following?

  • Assuring technically smart individuals can function as successful leaders?

  • Attracting, Retaining and promoting the best and brightest?

  • Administering Performance Management consistently and with ease?

  • Administering Succession Planning successfully?

  • Administering all Human Capital Systems consistently?

  • Leveraging internal Human Resources strengths?
Today, more than ever, companies can't afford bad leaders. Bad leaders have a very real effect on business, damaging employee morale and productivity. Over time, bad managers lead to the loss of key employees. However, in todays economic turmoil companies are concerned about the cost of management and leadership training. Not to mention the time taken away from the job to participate in workshops and courses.

The Skill Kit for Leaders is the answer to these challenges.

Leadership Competencies

Our Skill Kit for Leaders: Real-Time Tools for Developing Leadership Competency has been purchased by hundreds of individuals and organizations world-wide to support the best in leadership competency building.

You are a proven or emerging leader in your organization through your functional skill development and you have achieved enormous responsibility through relentless hard work, and natural talent.


  • What will it mean to your bottom line to make sure that everyone can “pull” the best out of their peers and direct reports rather than “pushing” an agenda that is frequently misunderstood?

  • What will it take for you to communicate with direct reports to win their commitment instead of their resistance?

  • You need new strategies for working to influence your peers.

  • You do not get the teams with-whom you interface to communicate optimally.

  • Your time-management prioritization work needs to be improved because you live in a work world of competing demands and change.

  • You are seeking new “outside-the-box” solutions for critical productivity and human capital issues, and want to support IQ with EQ to insure you are the best strategic business partner in dramatically changing business times.


The Fulcrum Group offers budget-conscious competency-building services that have supported leaders for 30 years, at both the individual and team levels.

The Fulcrum Group, exclusive Canadian distributer for The Skill Kit for Leaders in partnership with Diane Foster and Associates can support an organization’s internal human resource coaches and leadership development professionals build the internal leadership competency within your own organization.

Skill Kit for Leaders  as an HR Strategic 6 Point Human Capital Solution.

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