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  September 23, 2019


Our two-day Management Team Retreat process starts with broad, divergent thinking and assessments and then zooms in to ever more specific actions that meet each management team or organization’s unique dynamics, goals, and culture. Each management team retreat starts with agreement on the theme, participation, and general agenda. As the retreat unfolds, the fluid agenda may change directions as the team learns together, addresses tough issues, builds consensus on priorities, and sets action plans. As with any game plan in highly dynamic situations, what seemed straightforward at the beginning can quickly change direction. That’s where The Fulcrum Group's extensive experience, vast library of concepts and approaches, deep group process knowledge, and steady facilitation can really payoff.  

What Management Teams Get From Retreats

  • Clarify/redefine management and leadership roles and responsibilities  
  • Leverage team and organizational strengths
  • Pinpoint performance gaps and priorities to be addressed
  • Pull together change and improvement programs and initiatives under one process and master plan
  • Integrate strategic, improvement, and implementation planning
  • Build the management team around concrete plans and strategies
  • Strengthen the management team’s dynamics and processes
  • Assess organizational effectiveness, leadership readiness, and establish plans for change/improvement
  • Develop a strong consensus and buy-in for organizational transformation within the management team
  • Action learning (versus theoretical eduction) on the key elements of team and organization leadership
  • Better understanding and management of the interconnected elements to building an even higher performing organization
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