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  October 14, 2019


1.  Executive coaching addresses development needs either by way of intervention when there is a problem or crisis or as part of the general executive development process.

2.  It is effective in helping close gaps in performance, leadership, emotional intelligence, fit, tolerance, relationship, communication, change management, innovation and results.

3.  Coaching must go deep enough to yield substantial results in terms of individual learning that expands thinking and behaviour. Effective coaching, through the application of governing values and coaching fundamentals will support a more productive and fulfilled individual.

4.  Executive coaching is a formal engagement in which a qualified coach works with an organizational leader in a series of dynamic, confidential sessions designed to establish and achieve clear goals that will result in improved managerial performance.

5.  At the heart of coaching is the coaching relationship. Together, the coach and the player are committed to a partnership that is dedicated toward significant improvement -- a breakthrough - in results. The player produces the result, but the level and quality of the result is generated out of the partnership with the coach. The player's performance is modified through the communication, the speaking and listening, that takes place within that partnership.

Essential Elements of Coaching

  1. Willingness to go beyond what’s already been achieved
  2. Partnership, mutuality, relationship
  3. Commitment to producing a result and enacting a vision
  4. Compassion, sense of humanity, non-judgemental acceptance, love
  5. Communication (speaking-and-listening) for action
  6. Responsiveness to the coach’s interpretation
  7. Honouring the uniqueness of each player, relationship, and situation
  8. Practice and preparation
  9. Giving-and-receiving 
  10.  “team” sensitivity

6.  Even the most effective leaders are not 100% effective in all aspects of their leadership. “Derailers” can be one or more dimensions of leadership that can literally derail the intended outcome or result in a project work activity or a culture. Often, but not always, derailers involve challenges relating with others. Coaching allows us to address the derailers and successfully resolve them.

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