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  October 14, 2019


We will teach you to become a great business coach and/or we will work with you and your company to solve problems and produce results and breakthroughs.
Here's how it works:

1. Develop your Coaching Mission and Teachable Point of View

  • Define your personal coaching mission – your mandate
  • Develop a teachable point of view about how to succeed
  • Teach it through ideas, stories, metaphors , and demonstrations
  • See coaching for yourself; take a reflective stance

 2. Invest in Relationships

  • Decide which relationship to invest in
  • Engage others by discovering their passions, goals, aspirations
  • Enroll people by holding out positive possibilities
  • Look for openings to initiate coaching conversations

 3. Plan Stretch Goals Collaboratively

  • Do not tell others what to do be a thinking partner
  • Together assess where we are now with respect to the mission
  • Set stretch goals that foster performance and development
  • Identify what’s missing that will make a difference

 4. Forward the Action

  • Break what’s missing into a few small projects or doable steps
  • Focus on doable steps that others will focus on
  • Encourage people to use action language
  • Ask What happened? What’s missing? What’s next?

 5. Provide Feedback and Learning

  • Be a keen observer of intended and unintended results
  • Ponder how people need to be different, think differently, act differently
  • Frame feedback so that it builds esteem, corrects and stretches
  • Customize challenging experiences that foster accelerated learning and development

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