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  October 14, 2019


The Fulcrum Group has established Talent Management and Leadership Development procedures and programs.

Coaching is one component of Leadership Development used to accelerate development for high performing and/or high potential leaders.

Fulcrum defines coaching as a facilitated process of discovery and growth that enables an individual to meet goals for professional and personal development. The coaching process usually includes some form of 360 feed-back, followed by goal setting, one-on-one coaching sessions, and action planning.


  • Coaching is a development process for senior level leaders whose performance meets or exceeds expectations.
  • The purpose of the coaching is to increase capability in certain leader qualities.
  • Results of assessments, feedback and content of coaching sessions are for the individual and will not be kept in any of Fulcrum's files. Action plans developed as part of the coaching may become part of the coaching client’s files.


  1. Coach is contacted by client organization and attends first meeting.
  2. Coach participates in a conversation with the client organization and the coaching client to determine acceptability of fit.
  3. Coach is selected; roles decided –manager, HR, L/OD, coach, coaching client.
  4. Goal setting meeting held with manager, HR or L/OD, coach and coaching client, to reinforce confidentiality of discussions, decide who is to be interviewed, discuss initial focus of the coaching, and clarify roles.
  5. Coach conducts Life and Career Influence interview with the coaching client and coach reviews relevant documents provided by the coaching client.
  6. Coaching client communicates with those to be interviewed for feedback stating that info will not remain within the company to ensure interviewees feel comfortable giving candid responses. Coaching client also indicates that he/she will reconnect about proposed action plans.  
  7. Assessment tools taken, if used.
  8. Coach has phone or in-person interviews with those identified as feedback givers.
  9. Feedback including assessment tool results and interview themes offered to coaching client.
  10. Coach Team (L/OD, manager, coaching client, coach) reconvenes and confirms goals for coaching.
  11. Coaching client and coach develop action plan.
  12. Coaching sessions held to develop and reinforce awareness, learning,  new behaviors and actions. Each session will contain dialogue that addresses: progress to goals, review of assigned work, learnings, application discoveries, journal review, belief system impact, new content, skill development, new assignments and schedule confirmation.  
  13. Periodic check-ins with Coach Team to gauge progress and obtain recommendations.
  14. Contracted coaching sessions end; coaching client and coach decide ongoing plan.
  15. Development plan shared with HR if desired.
  16. Evaluations given to Coach Team to gauge progress and results. 
  17. Coach follows up in 30 - 60 Days with the coaching client.
  18. Coaching client is re-assessed as per item 7 at a time agreed to by all members of the coaching team and coaching client at approximately 12 months from the time of initial assessment.

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