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  October 14, 2019


A Questionnaire for Determining Personal Effectiveness Among Executives.

  1. Do you have a solid track record and can you prove it?
  2. Do you consistently perform at or above expectations?
  3. Do you make excuses when you are not able to meet targets?
  4. Are you able to make business decisions that always uphold moral and ethical integrity?
  5. Are you performance driven, always seeking out a better way for people and overall performance?
  6. Are you biased for action and execution?
  7. Are you externally focused, always looking at customers and competitors?
  8. Are you transparent in front of your peers, coworkers, stakeholders?
  9. Is your leadership style one of personal humility, professional will, and overall team/organization development, ignoring any need for personal ego and glory.
  10. Do you over communicate with those around you?
  11. Do you know how stakeholders and people around you like to receive information, and can you manage its inflow/outflow?
  12. Are you able to get buy in from those around by forming a team culture that supports your vision, or do you need to lead by authority, or throw your weight around?
  13. Does your organization understand your vision and buy in? Do you share the rewards amongst every person that’s responsible?
  14. Are you a visible member in your industry, organization, and among competitors?
  15. Are you presumptive in your decision making? Do you wait for or expect for things to happen?
  16. Do you have backup plans?
  17. Does your energy and positivism wear off on people? Do they see your as a naturally optimistic person with a great attitude, authentic, and consistent.
  18. Do you ask for what you want?
  19. Are you always selling?
  20. Do you lead people, or manage them?


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